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More than agricultural products

Our customers' trust in our way of acting, combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, helped us expand our borders. Throughout our history, we have sought a bold style and friendly relationship with rural producers.

Discover Dassoler

Dassoler Agronegócios is a 3rd Generation family company, located in the State of Mato Grosso, in Lucas do Rio Verde, operating since 2006, in the area of production, industrialization and marketing of Beans, Sesame and Special Grains, in the domestic and international market.

It has established itself as one of the largest exporters of Beans in Brazil, working with several cultivars and special grains, being recognized worldwide for the quality of its products, speed in the production, industrial and logistical process.

Dassoler Agronegócios has its own warehouse and industry, with a modern structure and high-tech equipment, always seeking excellence in its products and services.

We monitor all stages of production, from planting to harvest, with a specialized agronomic team, which guarantees producers safety, grain quality and high productivity in the field. 

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• We work in:


Origination and commercialization
of grain

Dassoler Agronegócios has established itself as a player in the cereals and legumes market, whose vertical business strategy covers the Origination stages, carried out through direct acquisitions from different producers and through processing with an advanced grain cleaning, drying and storage system.
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Focusing on the international market and aiming for a new crop alternative, Dassoler Agronegócios invests heavily in the Bean market (varieties of Caupis, Mungo, among others) and Popcorn, emerging as one of the largest exporters of beans in Brazil.







We are committed to cultivating a better future
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Our dedication to excellence is not just limited to the quality of our products, but also embraces a solid commitment to sustainability. We recognize the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations and therefore integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of our business.
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